Urgent Care

Urgent Care Repair
The concept of Urgent Care Repair is to give your boat, motor, ATV or snowmobile immediate attention. We assess the situation, fix what can be fixed quickly, and help you with plans for more extensive services that may be required. Urgent Care Repair distinguishes us from most other service departments which are often booked out three to four weeks in advance, with no opportunity to get in for a quick diagnosis or repair.

How does it work?

Upon arrival at our locations, an Urgent Care Repair technician will:
  • Inspect your boat, motor, ATV or snowmobile with you
  • Provide on-the-spot diagnosis if the situation permits
  • Make minor repairs while you wait
  • Order parts that are not in stock and give your boat, motor, ATV or snowmobile priority when the parts arrive
  • Schedule your boat, motor, ATV or snowmobile to complete more extensive service needs
  • Provide an estimate of repair costs, and notify you of any changes prior to starting the work

Why do others not offer this?

While most repairs should only take an hour or so, most dealerships have not developed a system to accommodate fast-turnarounds. Instead, they schedule their service on a first-come, first-serve basis, regardless of the time required to make things right. Making the change is not easy, but we’ve invested the time and effort to organize our service scheduling around this concept.

Where do I go to get Urgent Care Repair?

At our Power Pros Service Center. Our factory certified technicians understand both you and your boat, motor, ATV or snowmobile needs.

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